Live Video Streaming

HD Broadcasting

From sporting events to concerts, we have been providing live video streaming in Madison and around the world since 2007. With 10 years experience and thousands of live streaming broadcast hours, we aren’t jumping on a trend, we are leading the way.

We provide live, on-location multi-camera HD recording and streaming. This includes multiple camera angles switched live by a director, graphics, instant replay, broadcast commentary or multi-track live audio mixing. We are able to support multiple streams at various locations, such as multiple sporting events.

Our live video broadcasting includes constructing a custom online interface design with video player. We work directly with you and your team to ensure we are on point with your vision and that content is being delivered in a way that meets your goals.


Take full branding control of your event both within the video itself and in the page built surrounding the video player. Add in scoreboard overlays, sponsor logos and graphics during a broadcast or recording to highlight your organization.


You’ll also receive a complete online portal with full platform support including a mobile, customizable player with no third-party branding. The player gives you the option for social media sharing, and control over unauthorized embedding. Other options include chat portals, playlists and more.



  • Sells sponsor ads and branding
  • Gives you the opportunity to sell e-tickets or pay-per-view access, both live or rebroadcast video, or DVD
  • Serves as an added premium for event attendees: watch a panel or game back at the hotel room
  • Generates revenue for at capacity events



  • Track viewer information including number of viewers, peak hours of viewing and average viewer duration.
  • Reveal what country, state and city viewers are tuning in from
  • Give you the insight to make decisions about future broadcasts
  • Provide powerful sales information.


  • Creates additional revenue while expanding online attendees
  • Reaches local, regional, and national sponsors while elevating the status of your organization
  • Allows you to offer your stream as pay-per-view, e-ticket or free service
  • Gives the ability to sell video or banner ads and promote sponsors of your own organization
  • Makes it easy to gather information from viewers and track viewership to use as a powerful tool in selling sponsorship
  • Creates a great promotional opportunity for your event

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