Founded in 2007 by Natalie Hinckley, Hinckley Productions is also staffed with an in-house editor and technical director. Productions are supported by part-time camera operators and sound engineers nationwide, with many of who have been working with Hinckley for nearly 10 years.

Hinckley Productions specializes in visual advertising, communications, marketing, event production and community outreach. Our mission is to help businesses create their online video content through compelling stories and live streaming broadcasts. We translate your vision from concept to a real connection through video production services and our specialty as content creators


At Hinckley Productions, we have a unique ability to connect brands with their customers through authentic documentary-style storytelling. We apply diverse perspectives to video production and a sharp eye for detail to a an even more diverse customer base. We also have a proven record of top-notch video production with 10 years of video live streaming experience, reliable delivery and performance time and time again.

Markets Served

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing / utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Event production
  • Business services

Pre-Production Services

  • Deliver video content
  • Develop video plan identifying goals and objectives
  • Establish measures for a successful video campaign

Geographic Operations

  • Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin
  • On-location video production throughout the USA and Canada

Featured Clients


2017 Silver American Advertising Award Duluth Trading Co.  Women on a mission
  • 2016 Wisconsin LBGT Business of the Year
2016 Silver American Advertising Award Mad Rollin’ Dolls  Hurt in a Skirt
  • 2014 Silver American Advertising Award (2) Lands’ End  #Together
  • Mad Rollin’ Dolls  Decade of Derby




I love getting to the core of a story. It’s fun and challenging to get people to let their guard down to create a genuine moment of connection. The most rewarding aspect of directing video is being able to capture those moments of authenticity while constantly being exposed to diverse people, both in the crew and those at the focus of our documentation.

That, paired with the technical problem-solving required of the medium, is what keeps my job interesting. Technology is constantly evolving; whether it’s recording a simple interview or creating a multi-camera live streaming broadcast, there’s always something new to learn.

Owning a production company has allowed me to have an amazing range of unique experiences, from directing a Reverend Horton Heat concert to being present at the anniversary of the civil rights bridge crossing in Selma Alabama with Coretta Scott King. So many times I find myself in situations that lead me to think “Is this really my job?”

I find my work incredibly rewarding and meaningful. I also take a great amount of pride in being a Wisconsinite and University of Wisconsin alumnus, keeping my business here and creating opportunities for others.