We work with you to build and plan the viewer experience of your live streaming event. We help you mindfully plan where you’d like to direct your viewership, such as to your website or from a page that we build and host for you. Where your stream is viewable from is determined if your event is public or private, paid or free to watch.

For private events we can help you create accounts for private viewing, track who has accessed the stream, and create a seamless brand experience with  no third party branding.

Capabilities include

  • Audience Engagement: chat, Q&A, social media embeds
  • Full Brand Control without third party logos within the video player
  • Live Closed Captioning in any and multiple languages
  • Pubic or Private Access to your video content
  • Simulcast your event to multiple platforms such as to your website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Viewer analytics, including location, viewing duration and more


High end encoding can be ported to any platform, and even multiple platforms simultaneously. Platforms include Facebook live, Instagram, Zoom, Twitter, Google hangouts, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, a custom HTML interface on your own company website, or hosted on our website.

While we have the ability to use any streaming bandwidth provider you may already have an account with (Facebook livestream, Twitch, YouTube, Ustream, etc.), our preferred provider is Field59, another Wisconsin based company. We utilize their video platform and video player for the majority of our events. They offer quality encoding, white label video players, simulcasting, additional video encoder rentals of redundancies, server-side recording, and most importantly, instant customer support for all our events.

Viewer Engagement 

Your virtual attendees can feel more involved by integrating chat features. This allows discussion between viewers, or the ability to reach out to presenters with comments or questions. The chat feature also allows attendees to directly communicate with tech support. The page can be built to include links to presenter materials or slides, an agenda, or any social media conversation embeds, such as tracking certain hashtags.


When your event requires a login to access the stream, we are able to track that information as to exactly who logged in. Our google analytics also provide great audience insight including number of viewers, peak hours of viewing and average viewer duration. It can reveal what country, state and city viewers are tuning in from to help you make informed decisions about future broadcasts as well as provide powerful sales information.

Live Technical Support

Leading up to your event, we thoroughly prepare for your broadcast. We perform comprehensive internet and platform connection testing along with detailed viewer tests.

The live broadcast itself is monitored to ensure the broadcast is crisp and your viewers are getting the message loud and clear. We offer live technical support to your viewers to chat, email or call if necessary to assist your viewers, ensuring a successful event. These techs are part of our team and we never use third party services.


Streaming has become more crucial than ever.  While recent trends have made it easy to jump on a conference call, much more potential can be unlocked with professional services.  Our staff and technology have been honed to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of the equation, leaving you with a product that simply works.

  • Cameras: use up to eight cameras capture multiple angles, which can be cut between live
  • Remote Guests: real time integration of teleconferencing (Zoom, Google hangouts), live chat, and audience Q&A.
  • Audio Engineering & Sound Design: up to 16 channels of sound mixing can capture many clear audio sources from mics, video playback, music and more
  • Video Playback: solid state video playback for pre-recorded video, Powerpoint, graphics  or  slow motion instant replay
  • Graphics: integrate logos, clocks, timers, game stats, animations, overlays and lower thirds help to tell the story and build your look
  • Recording: both the master program as broadcast and ISO cameras are captured as backup, and for later rebroadcasting or re-mixing
  • Set Design: Green screen and set lighting can be used to give custom look, or to transport you to another world entirely
  • Producing: We utilize on site communication via headset as well as live chat with our remote tech support team.  Your staff can sit in on the production or join us remotely and give notes to ensure things run smooth.
  • Image Magnification: Ability to send camera feeds to projectors, screens, jumbo-tron, and LCD displays to show your live audience the action
MRA on set
D3 United Soccer League
D3 video produciton
D3 Mixing Board
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Switcher Live Stream
Sylvee Stage
Big Rig Setup for Streaming