Camera Operator

Job Description

The camera operator duties include providing support for live productions. Shoots usually include first meeting at the studio to load gear, traveling to the production, setting up and testing equipment, remaining on standby for the production and packing up when the production concludes then seeing that equipment is returned to the studio safely.

The camera operator will learn and must demonstrate capabilities in

  • Proper cable wrapping
  • Equipment care: proper packing and unpacking and storage
  • Must be able to move and load heavy camera equipment
  • Intercom etiquette
  • Setting white balance, gain, iris, shutter and card formatting
  • Ability to pull focus and adjust iris during a production
  • Professional client and co-worker relationships

Qualities of the camera operator are being reliable, works well with others and is responsive to feedback. The camera operator is always to conduct themself in a professional manner when dealing either with client or other employees or dealing with the production manager.


This position is considered part-time or as needed.


Starting wage will be set at $25-35 per hour based on experience level and demonstration of abilities. Employees will be able to carpool or ride in the company van to shoot. When traveling outside of Madison, the employee will be reimbursed for travel expenses and mileage

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