Living in a world with great uncertainty, live streaming provides assurance that your event can continue as planned.

But how exactly? Trends in planning events such as conferences, fundraising events, and recognition dinners are allowing us to forecast a future. For example, you have a conference that plans for 200-1,000 attendees. You are unsure what the future holds and if that will be possible. We are able to live stream on-location for those planning to attend but who may decide to ‘cancel’. Live streaming gives the option to attend virtually either last minute, or if someone knows in advance they cannot attend in person.

Or for example your company decides to not have any in-person events at all. We can help you to take your event fully virtual while maintaining a high level of quality and professionally delivered content. Clients choose to work with us when they need something with more polish than what zoom alone has to offer. We can facilitate high capacity events, raise production value, or simply take tech management off your plate.

We are able to adapt with you as your in-venue audience shifts more online or as your booked location may change. For all live streams, our studio is automatically reserved for you should you prefer to hold your event from an alternate location.



We are following strict safety protocols as advised by the CDC that includes wearing masks, social distancing, cleaning and modifications to our processes. See our dedicated Covid-19 Response page on how we are keeping our staff and clients safe.

We can help you solve this by either pre-recording their content or patching them in to the broadcast from their home location via video call. If necessary we can arrange to drop off equipment with them or develop creative solutions to capture content.

A well produced event is ideally planned a month or more prior but we are able to work with you as things change. We can rush jobs with a two weeks notice and shorter windows of time pending crew availability.

Our in-house Live Production Studio 54 is the perfect spot for making sure the show goes on. We have many options to ensure social distancing and safe interactions. We can work with you to keep the event on schedule.

No problem.  We will work with you to ensure the event goes on.  We can even schedule our studio as a backup, giving you peace of mind that the event will go on.

Yes.  Our production setup is mobile and has a small footprint.  We will need to determine if your space can safely accommodate your event, so please give us a call to discuss these options.

Yes.  We realize things are unpredictable and ever-changing.  Our production facility is a great fail-safe option if your preferred venue is unexpectedly closed.  We have been designated as an essential business since day one under the strictest state and local restrictions.  We have already conducted several in-house and on-location events safely.

Our broadcast can utilize Zoom, Skype or Google hangouts to give remote presentations.  We can also easily integrate any pre-recorded material into the stream.  Our team will help your presenters get quality sound and video using their own computer or phone.

We will work with you to do our best to ensure your event will continue as planned, however, we know life is full of curveballs. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we never charge a cancellation or rescheduling fee.