New Heights

We’re constantly looking for new ways to get the dynamic, exciting and complex shots our productions require. For example, we did a recent shoot at Boulders Climbing Gym where movement through the gym was essential. For this, we brought in our handy steadicam gimbal. Check out the opening shot from their Philosophy video!

How cool would it be to take our steadicam gimbal and put it on a jib crane?! Our DJI Ronin-M steadicam is conveniently remote control operated! By putting the camera on the steadicam, and attaching the steadicam to the platform of the jib, we can use the remote to move the camera while adding that extra height.

Not only did this small crane give us extra height and sweeping camera movement, it also gave us smoothness and control that’s infinitely better than a drone. Plus, it’s a silent tool that gives us the ability to record sound during operation. There’s no whirling propeller noise to worry about!

The jib crane isn’t just for high-angle shots, though. It can be used in a variety of ways in just about any production that needs an exciting approach. We’ve used it in everything from a Morningstar music video that required a grand scale and high energy, to a commercial for Johnson Health Tech that needed subtle movement and intimate product closeups. In other words, it ups the cool factor in just about anything.

Check out how the jib crane works in this Johnson Health Tech treadmill video.

Behind the Scenes
Final Product

And the Morningstar music video

Best of all, when we combine it with the rest of our production capabilities, the possibilities are endless! During the Big Share livestream, we paired it with two stationary cameras for exceptional, varied coverage that made a simple live performance more than just three musicians sitting down and playing – without sacrificing what makes them special. We used a three camera setup that we mixed live to stream to Facebook.

One person controlled the movements of the jib crane itself, while the other person used the remote to pan the steadicam left and right, and also tilt the camera up and down! By using the crane, we were able to add movement and vary the shot scale to get all three performers as well as close-ups as they performed. All three cameras were then mixed live for streaming online.

We are really excited to have this tool at our disposal for any and all future projects!

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