DOLLS Behind Camera: The Mad Rollin’ Dolls Roller Derby

From time to time, we are asked exactly how we got into live video production and live streaming so early on (we started in 2008), while many of our industry peers are only more recently becoming familiar with the technology. Much of that credit is due to the Mad Rollin’ Dolls Roller Derby. Alongside Derby News Network, DNN, we were introduced to the medium for an international broadcast, Derby in Dairyland. We were told we were the first to bring a three camera multi-camera mixing to the sport. While we aren’t sure if that’s entirely accurate, we do know we stirred the pot with the production quality. Most tournaments before (and many afterward) maintained only rudimentary one camera broadcasts.

Roller Derby has a nationwide following, with events making it more recently to ESPN. While the majority of the tournaments are too small for broadcast, it has created a real demand for a live streaming platform, allowing us to sharpen our skills. Here’s looking to the future of live streaming & working with MRD!

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